World Dance Company


We focus on teaching a variety of steps / movements to our students which enables them to dance or perform to any music they like. The class is not focused on a particular song, instead we emphasize on training the students in different dance forms. Learning is a process, which at WDC we practice and preach together with our students. All we need is a beat and our students make it visible. Please see the Kids Class Details section for Term dates and Fee structure.

We have specially designed dance and fitness courses for the adults , wherein they learn fun dance routines to the most popular numbers. “BollyFit” a dance fitness course, introduced by us has been beneficial to many in terms of calorie burn, stamina increase and improvement in movement coordination. We also offer Bootcamp, Zumba Fitness, Jazz Funk, ETM (Exercise to Music), Yoga & Relaxation, Dynamic Stretching and more. Please check the Adult Fitness class section for more details.

As two families become one we ask that you pick a seat not a side. WDC has been catering to numerous wedding sangeets over the years in and outside Hong Kong.  We have been known as Sangeet Specialist for our Indian Clients all over Hong Kong as we orchestrate the event with colossal performances. Please email or send us a message for further quotation/charges for the sangeet.

Diwali Ball is something that we all look forward to, as it is the New Year for all our Indian clients. In Diwali Ball events you get to see a lot of action and drama in coordination with all the beautiful colored costumes that our amazing troupe brings up on the stage. We have been associated with a few groups / organizations who celebrate diwali on a greater scale every year. To name a few, WDC has catered to The Young Executives Group (YEG), Indian Businessmen Association (IBA) ,The Executive Group (TEG), Women of Today (WOT), Kowloon Indian Ladies Group (KILG), Progressive Group Kowloon (PGK) and few more. Please email or send us a message for quotation/charges for the event.

Lavish or intimate, Classy or wild, Old school or modern…we have catered some amazing fun dance workshops / sessions for children birthday parties, milestone events, anniversary parties, family gatherings, lunch or dinner parties and more. Bollywood theme parties have been our forte where we conduct a 60 to 90 minute Indian dance workshop, where the guests learn a set and fun dance routine which they dance it out to some modern bollywood music. WDC has also been a part of some great party themes such as SuperHeroes & Villains / Comic-con, Back to school, Circus, Around the world, Arabian night / Bollywood, Great Gatsby, Brazilian night, Halloween and more. Please email or send us a message for quotation/charges for the event.