World Dance Company



In order that we maintain appropriate standards of health and safety, you are responsible for disclosing any prior medical or physical conditions to the teacher before the class starts. Parents understand that dance is an active sport and injuries can happen. The school accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained via any means other than a teacher’s negligence.


By enrolling in our classes you are acknowledging and agreeing that any personal injury to you or your child , WDC/ its owners/teachers are not responsible, unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its staff.


If a session is cancelled due to venue unavailability , a make-up class would be arranged within the ongoing term. WDC reserves the right to decide the Date and Time for any makeup sessions.  If a student misses a class for any other reason except Medical, no makeup or credit would be allowed. However upon submission of a doctor’s note, the student would be allowed for makeup or credits for the missed class. No make-up class can be arranged if there are any cancellations due to non-controllable events like bad weather, political or economical. 


Class fees settled are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another student(s)/sibling(s)/friend(s) or term. If a student joins in the middle of a  Term– the fees will be prorated at $250 per class for the remainder of the Term. No refund will be provided for students withdrawing from a course after it commences. We have the right to refrain students from enjoying our services and our classes if the class fee is not settled before the first day of the class.


The terms and conditions set out are subject to change without prior written notice from World Dance Company Ltd. It is the student/parent/guardian responsibility to check on the WDC policy from time to time. We retain the right of final decisions and interpretation in all matters and disputes in relation to the registration and courses.